Dustless blasting uses the latest technology to solve all your restoration and surface preparation needs.


Our unique dustless blaster uses a combination of compressed air, water and blast media so only a fraction of the amount of blast media is required when compared to dry blasting. The Blaster allows operatives to increase or decrease the amount of water, blast media and air which gives greater control and precision over the entire blast process.

The blast media is cushioned by water along the blast hose meaning no heat, friction or dust are produced with this method and no warping of the blasted surface can occur.

The presence of water allows the blast media to travel at greater speeds along the hose which means the blast media has a greater effect on impact with the blasted surface. The water micro-washes the blast media from the blasted surface leaving it clean, profiled and contaminant free ensuring the best possible bonding strength can be achieved with future surface coatings. This therefore makes the Dustless blasting System an extremely cost effective and environmentally sound surface preparation method

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Dustless Blasting can be used for Body Work Paint Removal, Graffiti Removal, all types of surface preparation,  and More

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